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Important Information About Your Appointment at Desert Valley ENT

  • New Patients: Please check in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will allow sufficient time for you to fill out your New Patient Information Forms. If you have completed your New Patient Information Forms prior to your appointment, please check in 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Radiological Tests: If you have had CT Scans, MRI, Pet Scans, and/or Ultrasounds, please make sure all reports and films have been sent by the provider and received into our office no later than the Friday before your scheduled appointment. This will allow Dr. Reidy sufficient time to review your reports, thus providing you with the best possible care.
  • Please Bring Your Photo ID and Insurance Card.
  • Please Bring a List of All Medications You Are Taking.

New Patient Forms

Accepted Insurance

  • If your insurance plan requires a referral from your primary care physician,you must have the referral faxed into our office before scheduling your appointment.

Patient Information

  • Otolaryngology (pronounced oh/toe/lair/in/goll/oh/gee) is the oldest medical specialty in the United States. Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck. They are commonly referred to as ENT physicians.

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